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11 December 2008

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02 December 2008

Aku pelik sebab apa ramai orang tak suka skateboard

NO SKATEBOARDING. These signs are posted throughout most cities, but does one ever a see a NO FOOTBALL sign or a NO BASEBALL sign? No. The reason behind this is that these are sports excepted by the general public. People say that perhaps a skateboard could go flying off into a crowd and injure a bystander, but couldn’t the same thing happen with a baseball or football? Yes, and that’s why skateboarding should be looked upon as a sport just like any other sport.

Skateboarding can cause damage to property. Street curbs are sometimes waxed for grinding and over time that curb will appear tarnished and worn. But don’t all sports come with the possibility of property being damaged. For example, a baseball through a window or a football denting the door of a car. If an individual is caught skateboarding, their board is confiscated and a $60 fine is issued. If people are throwing a ball back and forth or a child is playing a game of frisbee with his father they are not reprimanded. The reason for this is that people, who are ignorant to the sport, feel that these activities add to the goodness of the community while skateboarding diminishes its value.

Peoples’ first opinions of skateboarders is not positive. People see a gang of kids wearing baggy clothes and immediately the word “hoodlum” pops into their heads. These individuals refuse to focus on the skill involved in the sport. There are many different tricks involved in skateboarding that take years and years of practice, and having no place to practice and constantly looking out for the police makes it even harder to master these hard tricks. Football consists of a bunch of big guys trying to hurt each other, and this is glorified. If a child picks up football he is viewed as an athlete, but why is it that when a child picks up a skateboard he is seen as a criminal?

The world today is basically unable to provide for the needs of teenagers. A prime example of this would be a local park that offers a baseball field and open grassy areas for activities such as football, but if one looks around that park it won’t be long before their eyes rest on a NO SKATEBOARDING sign. Teenagers are generally looked upon as bad. Skateboarding should be looked upon as a blessing because it gives teens something to do. A group of teens could be out getting drunk or getting high, but no, they decide to skate - and yet they are still doing something illegal.

The main thing that needs to happen is that skateboarding needs to be recognized as involving skill and practice just like any other sport. During the past few years skateboarding has been getting some positive feedback. Television programs on channels such as MTV and ESPN are embracing it as a sport. This recognition is great, but people still need to open their eyes and look past the opinion of the general public.

Tak Rugi Korang Join Straight Edge ...

Straight Edge adalah gaya hidup yang menghalang para belia daripada penyalahgunaan dadah termasuk menghalang mereka menghisap rokok atau meminum minuman keras. Disini juga straight edge mendisplinkan diri dari melakukan seks sebarangan atau hubungan sejenis semakin lama semakin ramai para belia yang berfikiran kotor untuk melakukan hubungan sejenis. Ia sangat menjijikan betul tak???

Langkah yang betul bagi mereka yang ingin mengenali straight edge ini dengan mendedinasikan straight edge dengan gaya hidup menjaga pemakanan, agama mereka, dan politik bagi menggambarkan bahawa straight edge merupakan sesuatu yang sihat.

Straight Edge adalah falsafah atau prinsip hidup yang bebas ( independent ) dan bukannya terus menerus bergantung kepada mana mana pegangan atau kepercayaan saya harap anda dapat membezakan antara ajaran sesat dan gaya hidup. Saya masih lagi di dalam pegangan islam saya. Straight edge juga Tidak terus menerus bergantung kepada musik , trend, hubungan seks yang betul, agama atau kepercayaan. Perkara yang perlu ada dalam diri sekiranya ingin menjadi Straight Edge ialah menghindarkan diri dari dadah, bergantung kepada sejarah hidup anda yang terpenting dan definasi diri, dan jauh dari hubungan seks rambang , sejenis , bebas nak senang hubungan seks yang tidak seberapa yang betul.

Sumpah Straight Edge yang tersemat didalam hati Cuma satu sahaja iaitu "taken to the grave" (berjuang sehingga mati). Straight Edge bukannya untuk semua orang. Ia juga bukan flexible. Straight Edge satu gaya hidup yang bebas dari ketagihan, dan bebas dari sesuatu yang dapat menghancurkan diri sendiri dan sepenting pentingnya tidak mengadakan seks bebas. Straight Edge scene ialah budaya yang open – minded dan banyak idea yang akan datang bagi generasi – generasi baru..sekiranya anda tidak dapat menunaikan janji – janji straight edge sehinga anda mati. Anda tidak sesuai untuk menjadi sebahagian dari mereka.

Tak semestinya kalo korang jadi straight edge ni korang kena layan muzik keras seperti Hardcore, Old School Hardcore, Old School Melodic Hardcore, Modern Old School Hardcore, and banyak lagi la. Akhir sekali, tak rugi sebenarnye korang join straight edge ni sebab dia merupakan cara hidup yang positif.

Liverpool FC

The first Liverpool Football Club founded in 1857 actually played a code similar to rugby union. They are considered to be one of the oldest rugby clubs in the world and merged with another team to form Liverpool St Helens F.C. They are however completely unrelated to the modern Liverpool F.C. and should not be confused. Everton were founded 1878 and played at Anfield from 1884. In 1891 John Houlding, the leaseholder of Anfield and an Orange Order member along with several other early Liverpool F.C. directors, purchased the ground outright. Rent increased from £100 in 1884 to £250 by 1890. The Everton members decided to leave Anfield and moved to Goodison Park. With just three players remaining, John Houlding was left with an empty ground and no team to play in it. He therefore decided to form his own football club and on 15 March 1892, Liverpool Football Club was born. John McKenna was appointed director, and went to Scotland, where he signed thirteen professionals for the new club. The team was labelled "the team of the Macs" because eight of the thirteen Scottish signings had a "Mc" prefix. They played their first game against Rotherham Town, winning 7-1 with Malcolm McVean scoring their first ever goal, which was also the first occasion an English domestic team had fielded a side consisting entirely of foreign players. An ambitious application to join the Football League was rejected. Liverpool kicked off life in the Lancashire League with an 8-0 win at Anfield against Higher Walton. John Smith scored the first competitive goal. Ending the first season as champions and beating Everton 1-0 in the first Merseyside derby, in the 1893 Liverpool Senior Cup final at Bootle F.C. Liverpool were elected to the Football League alongside Woolwich Arsenal. McVean scored the club’s first league goal in a 2-0 win over Middlesbroug Ironopolis and ended the season unbeaten and Second Division Champions, winning a test match 2-0 against Newton Heath (soon to be renamed Manchester United) and promotion to the First Division. Upon the arrival of manager Tom Watson, a 3-time-championship-winner at Sunderland, the strip changed from blue and white quarters to the famous red and white, and in 1901 Scottish international Alex Raisbeck was the first Liverpool captain to collect the Football League championship. League champions again in 1906, when Everton also won the FA Cup, the ground capacity was increased with the building of a huge cinder bank behind the south end goal. It was christened the Spion Kop, after a Boer War battle of 1900 where over 300 men of the Lancashire Regiment died, with many being from Liverpool. Liverpool played their first FA Cup final, the last at Crystal Palace, and the first attended by the reigning monarch, George V, losing 0-1 to Burnley in 1914. However, the club were also involved in the 1915 British football betting scandal, one of the earliest match-fixing scandals which saw four Liverpool players banned, although the bans were rescinded in 1919. Liverpool soon bounced back; in 1921-2 and again in 1922-3, captained by England full-back Ephraim Longworth, Liverpool were champions.